In God's infinite wisdom, He designed His greatest creation (humans, created in His own image), to be social beings. We were designed to be with one another and there is no greater institution that exemplifies that more than the "FAMILY" (husband and wife joined together in holy matrimony and shortly thereafter, children). In a perfect world, each family member would get along with each other in perfect harmony. However, we all know that is not reality. On a good note, there are ways to increase the chance for harmony in every family. Allowing God to play a significant role is always great. Additionally, everyone striving to be the best father, mother, sister, brother, or child they can be, will go a long way. With that in mind, in this collection, I have selected an assortment of my photographs and have embedded a handful of short “positive” statements. If these are followed as often as possible, it will increase the chance of sweet harmony in any family. Your photograph selection from this collection will be customized to include your own family name at no additional charge.